Monthly Archive: October 2015

How to Backpack For a Rainy Hike?

Are you starting up for a rainy weekend backpacking? Love to enjoy the wet and rainy overnights in the foothills? Do not let the misty conditions get you down. Wise backpacking will always provide comfort outdoor activity even during the rainy season. Our blog provides you five great tips for rainy backpacking.

1. Prepare yourself with full sleeve jerkins, gloves, hat, sweaters and few other things that help you to adapt the rainy environment. Your boots matter a lot. Go in for branded boots that suit the climate of your hiking spot. It is often better to skip traditional hiking pants.

2. Make the hike comfortable with pit zips. Hard shell jackets may spoil your enjoyment. The outer layer of the hard shell jacket gets wet quickly and reduces the breathing ability of your jacket. So better avoid such jackets.

How to Backpack For a Rainy Hike

3. Dress up yourself with prima loft jackets that will keep you warm, even during the wet conditions. The synthetic insulation protects you from dampness and makes you feel better and relaxed. Happy rainy hiking with prima loft!

4. Opt for the water proof backpacks. Your packing for a rainy hike mostly includes wet sensitive gear. So go in for expensive water resistant backpacks to avoid drenched luggage. Wet and heavy luggage can spoil your mood and drive you to great disappointments.

5. Pack the frequently used items outside your bag. So that you need not open your bag every time to pick up materials needed. If you are going to open your bag zip fully, things inside may get wet sooner, and your luggage is drenched.