“Fight to Survive” Coming Back to the Outdoor Channel in March


Most of the shows aired on the Outdoor Channel are hunting and fishing related, which is fine and all. But my favorite show is called Fight to Survive and I’m happy to say its coming back in March with all new episodes.

It’s hosted by Craig DeMartino, a professional rock climbing, who has his own survival story to tell. In summary, he fell 100-ft off a granite cliff in Colorado. He was fortunate to be alive, but he lost his leg in the accident. Did that stop him from climbing? Off course not! In 2006 he became the first amputee to free climb El Capitan at Yosemite in a day. That’s almost ten thousand feet.

In regard to the show, each week he interviews a survivor to learn about their story and hear about what they did to survive. I’ll leave you with a little preview video below, but before I do I highly recommend seeing if you can get this channel with your TV provider. Especially if you love outdoors-ey stuff as much as I do. I have Dish Network and the Outdoor Channel comes with the Outdoor Package (as well as some other channels). I’m pretty sure it comes with America’s Top 200 and up. Channel 396. Otherwise if you have a lower package you can add it for a few bucks a month I think. If you have DIRECTV, it’s included in the Sports Pack on channel 606, or you can add it separately for a few bucks a month as well. So it looks like it costs about the same to add it whether you have DIRECTV or Dish Network. Not sure about cable, but I bet it’s similar.

Without further ado, here’s a preview:

Oh and I also found this mini documentary about Craig:

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