Great Backpacking Ideas for Long Distance Hikers

We find hikers facing a miserable time due to their heavy backpacking. The blog refreshes you and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable with backpacking tips. We offer you instant tips and grant simple ideas that help you with light backpacking that will make hiking more enjoyable. The three bulky items will be- your backpack, sleeping pack, and tent for your shelter.

1. Lower Backpack

Shop for the latest and quality backpack which is perfect for running, climbing and backpacking. Remember your backpack is an ultimate symbol of freedom. If your packing capacity crosses 14lbs, then it would really be a tougher time for you to get through the hike. Try to reduce the weight by close to 5lbs always. Go in for a light and thinner backpack. Make sure that the bag fits you and the stability of the bag’s hugging frame is good. The load you carry should match the bag’s stability criteria.

2. Your sleeping bag

Avoid synthetic sleeping bags. Are you a new backpacker? A poor sleeping bag would definitely put your life in danger. Always go in for the light weight cuben fiber sleeping bags. Know about the best sleeping bag for backpacking. Compact sleeping bags will ensure light weight hiking. Never allow your sleeping bag to take up a lot of backpack room when you hike. Browse for the year’s best sleeping bags. Choose the one that suits your hiking spot and stays.

3. Tents for Hiking

Great Backpacking Ideas

When you backpack, we recommend you to select a light weight tent that is easy to put up. Tent is very important for your shelter. Make a sensible decision to invest in a decent and compact tent. Always consider the weight and the size of the tent. Keep in mind that you will put up a tent when you are tired and pull over after a nap. Be sure that the tent you carry packs down small and is convenient.

Your back packing, sleeping bags, and tents matters a lot for ultra light weight hiking. Be a part of the social network; engage yourself with forums and discussion or sign with us to stay refreshed with light backpacking tips.

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